Great Himalayan Traders (P) Ltd., Kathmandu

About Us

We are importers of food ingredients in Nepal since 1991 with emphasis on the regular supply of top quality material appropriate for premium bakeries, confectioneries, hotels and cafes all over Nepal.

We supply ingredients such as high quality Chocolates, Whipping and Cooking Creams, Fruit Puree Aroma Pastes; Hot and Cold Glazes, Fruit Fillings, Sugar Pastes, Chocolate and Caramel Sauces, and various Cake Mixes including Eggless and Sugar Free.

We also import Strong Protein Flour, Seed Mixtures, Bread Improvers, Dark Roasted Malted Barley Flour, Sour Dough Concentrate along with various other bread concentrates such as Brown, Multigrain ,Rye& Gluten Free.

Accessories such as Muffin Liners, Chocolate Wrappers, Packing Containers, Baking Trays are also available with us.

Some of the products we carry includes but not limited to: Gluten Free Bread Mix, All Purpose Bread Flour with high protein content (12%), Vizyon (vanilla muffin), Brown Bread, Sour Dough mix, Hot Nappage Glaze, Courverture Chocolates, Compound Chocolates, Whipping Cream, Non Dairy Whipping Cream (Vegan), Aroma Pastes, Blueberry and Raspberry fillings/compote, Cheese Cake Mix, Sugar Free Sponge Cake Mix, Wheat Gluten, Panini/Ciabatta Bread Concentrate, Egg Free Sponge Cake Mix, Sugar Paste (Fondant) etc
We also have Agar Agar, Xanthan Gum, Sodium Alginate for Molecular Gastronomy,Cocoa Butter, Alkalised Cocoa Powder (Dutch Process) etc

Please check out our NEWS Page for the latest info on products.